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hey all, its this post again. 

I cannot emphasize enough how badly I need money right now. My roommate and I have been house squatting just to stay way from the toxic environment that we would otherwise be forced to live in. We’ve been trying for months to move and we may have finally found someplace thats compatible with our low income. 

I need to make at least $600, just enough to cover to rent for two months. The healthier environment will help me to get more settled into my artistic business and/or find a job. 

above are some prices and examples of the work that I do

if there are any questions, my inbox and email are open. donations are also accepted if anyone really feels they want to. 

and thank you to anyone who has ever shown interest in my work.

yooooo the apartment we were looking at got taken, but another better place will be open in a month so we’ve worked out a deal with the people who’s house we’re squatting in so we have a place to stay until then.

I still need money to live off of, so signal boosting is still appreciated. Thank you thank you <3 

[[The artist human seeks a new terrarium in which to live.]]






When people think Angel, they think of something good. But in reality, you are a bit of a goody-two-shoes. You are OCD to the extreme, and sometimes a little annoying. You are a great person though and look for the best in everything. We need more people in the world like you.



Dark and mysterious, you hide from a lot, may it be your past or present. You can’t stand foolish people, and hate it when people judge you, but you aren’t free of blame either. You are definitely an introvert, and you are scared of hurting people. Even with all of this, there are a few people that will never leave you. They seem to be bound to you by some undeniable force.


You have a fiery temper and a fierce personality. People describe you as strong, brave, and maybe a bit crazy. Even though you aren’t very organized, and you sometimes aren’t the nicest, people like you and see the good side of you.


You have won the hearts of many, but let’s face it, you play the field a bit. You are a little bit selfish and a bit of a control freak, but dang! You are insanely attractive. The ocean is the place you love most. Everything about it is alluring. Maybe it drew you in the same way you draw others in.
Did I do it wrong?


You are a gentle spirit to those who treat you well, but you will hurt people who hurt you. You are a bit wary of people because they have hurt you so much. But when good people are around you, they always seem to feel a bit better. You are very compassionate and kind, even if you are a bit wild.

(Source: arosu-sama)

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